Forests are Meant to Last Forever.

Virtu Wide Plank Flooring meets the most stringent environmental guidelines in the industry. Virtu is committed to ensuring that the quantity and quality of our nation’s wood resources will improve over time, which is why Virtu vigorously promotes responsible efforts to achieve the fastest practical application of environmentally conscious permanent forest management initiatives.

Virtu actively evaluates each new credible certification program as it is developed, so that we can expand our offering of certified forest products. Our commitment to producing an extensive selection of domestic hardwoods means that we actively support and abide by the principles of the Lacey Act as passed by the U.S. Congress, which protects the world's forests against illegal logging. We believe the U.S. forests are among the best managed forests in the world.

Virtu is proud to encourage the use of wood as an environmentally acceptable and renewable material and is constantly seeking beneficial ways to reduce wood waste and to utilize resources for maximized sustainability. Our use of an efficiently engineered top layer enables the resource of clear lumber to be “stretched” across 4 times the square footage of solid wood, conserving the rarest of lumber resources.

To further conserve this precious grade of lumber from being used indiscriminately, Virtu uses a lower grade lumber for the unseen back. For strength and stability, Virtu utilizes select, sustainable hardwoods for the core layer. This is both functional and environmentally positive, as these hardwoods are rigid and plentiful in North American forests.