Inspiration. From the floor up. 

Special Rift Sawn White Oak

As luxury custom flooring manufacturers, we have continually faced the challenge of procuring high quality rift sawn flooring over 5” wide for our clients. We searched for many years to find just the right logs and just the right sawmill to custom cut the finest rift sawn lumber. Many suppliers shrugged their shoulders and said it could not be done. But we carried on, and finally found our sources to produce Virtu Special Rift.

The elegance of Virtu Special Rift lies in its uniformity of color and linearity of grain. Rift sawn is a naturally more stable cut with less movement than the more commonly used flat cut white oak. And rift cut wood is less susceptible to checking and gapping. Marrying the unique appearance of Special Rift with the natural stability of rift cut lumber makes for a distinctly beautiful floor that will maintain its appearance year in and year out.

Engineered to the same exacting standards of our 2-layer flooring, Special Rift can be manufactured in widths from 5” up to 9" and in lengths 4’ up to 10’. It can also be provided FSC certified, qualifying for LEED points in several categories.

We have manufactured hundreds of thousands of feet of beautiful rift white oak flooring and we can honestly say this is the most impressive rift cut flooring we have ever seen.

Virtu is setting another benchmark with Virtu Special Rift. Unparalleled beauty, quality and custom made in the USA.


Virtu Special Rift - unfinished 7" rift sawn engineered white oak flooring

Controlled color spectrum for a more uniform appearance


Virtu Special Rift - unfinished 8" rift sawn engineered white oak flooring

Clearly articulated grain structure, with consistent straight grain, the way rift should be

Virtu Special Rift - unfinished 8" rift sawn engineered white oak flooring

Long lengths, from 4’ to 10’, with an average lengths of 7’


Seeing is believing...

... with Virtu Special Rift. Here is a quick slide show where you can see 700 square feet unit of 8" wide flooring 8' to 10' long - about 100 pieces. The consistency in appearance of the grain clarity and uniformity of color defines the unique high quality of Virtu Special Rift. 

Virtu Special Rift - unfinished 9" rift sawn engineered white oak flooring