Beauty is not just skin deep, it runs straight to the core.

Virtu 3-layer is all wood, True Balanced Construction, wide plank flooring that is custom manufactured for aesthetics and stability in equal measure. Originating in the European woodworking guild, True Balanced Construction is the most stable and durable wood flooring design available. The top and bottom layers of the floor are the same species, thickness and cut (flat sawn or quarter sawn), sandwiching a sturdy core running perpendicular to the face and back. The opposing face and back equalize the forces exerted by moisture related changes in dimension.  The result: cupping is virtually eliminated as the stiff center core maintains flatness and reduces shrinkage up to 67% compared to solid wood flooring. 

Science and nature in perfect balance.

The goal of Virtu has always been to build wide plank floors of the highest quality. Virtu custom-crafted wide plank wood floors are made by skilled American workers who are proud to play a part in bringing the highest level of the manufacturing arts back to the United States.

The flooring is inspected at 15 points during production to ensure that each client’s specifications are met. Virtu Flooring can be manufactured up to 12” wide by 16’ long in a complete range of species and grades, from Pristine to Character Selected. 

The combination of enhanced stability and reduced movement makes Virtu ideal for all wide plank applications, notably in radiant heat applications, below grade conditions and coastal locations. As a result of its superior stability, Virtu is also an excellent choice when a low profile sub-floor installation is required or when installed directly on concrete. No matter the kind of installation, every Virtu wide plank floor is unwavering underfoot while, at the same time, each floor is unique and develops its own distinctive beauty throughout the years. Science and nature. It’s why Virtu is chosen by some of the world’s most noted architects, designers and builders. 

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