Shock and Awe

Virtu’s 6” rift and quartered white oak wide plank flooring was installed in a New York City apartment this past February. Unfortunately, a pipe broke in the residence above and water leaked through the ceiling onto the floor. 12 hours later, approximately 1” of standing water was found pooled on the Virtu floor. The water was mopped up and the concerned owner and flooring installer watched …. and waited. To their amazement, three days later, there was NO evidence of water saturation, delamination or cupping!!! The flooring installer who called us exclaimed, “This floor is amazing! We never expected the flooring to survive!” We were pleased, but not entirely surprised because that’s the way we build Virtu Floors – beautiful, stable and durable. Let us explain why.

THE FLOOR -Virtu Flooring is constructed to be as stable as any floor can naturally be. Each of the three layers of our True-Balanced floors re-enforce the other two layers, enabling the floor to maintain flatness and stability in  challenging conditions.

THE GLUE - Our glue is a state-of-the-art, water-resistant adhesive with elastomeric properties that allows for some movement in response to the presence of moisture. The glue maintains a “memory’” and allows the wood to return to its original dimension once dry.

Leaks and flooding occur more often than we would like, especially on a construction site. Fortunately, these homeowners  chose the right flooring  - Virtu.